Live Fire Training

Fire and Operations Team - Fire Training

After significant planning, Rotorua Airport Emergency Service team were able to conduct a live fire training exercise on-site.

The exercise was designed to develop team coordination, firefighting techniques, and breathing apparatus management. Our state-of-the-art Rosenbauer Panther was put through it's paces throughout the exercise, RRA has recently employed two new recruits into the emergency service team.

This exercise was a culmination of months of training, it also gave our new recruit firefighters their first live-fire training exeperience.

New recruit, Rogan Beedle said "I have never experienced heat quite like it, it was intense"

It was also the last training exercise for departing General Manager, Operations and Infrastructure Logan Charters Leahy, he said "It was impressive to see how far the recruits have come in such a short time, we are extremely fortunate to have skilled and experienced staff that can guide them through their training.”


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