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There are many great reasons to promote your business to a targeted audience at Rotorua Airport with a variety of locations within our Airport portfolio.

Advertising at Rotorua Airport is managed by Bishopp. To see what we can offer, check out the advertising options available 

or contact Bishopp on 0800 422 699

Quality Audience
Reach an audience of high-income earners, business travellers, hard-to-reach leaders and influencers, all of whom are regular travellers.

High dwell time (30-60 minutes)
There is occasionally downtime waiting for flights and baggage at airports. With Airport advertising you have the opportunity to deliver detailed, copy-rich messages to your potential customers.

Our digital and fixed sign solutions at the airport give a value boost to your campaign and provide the ultimate in creative flexibility.

You can command attention, while promoting your brand to business and leisure travellers.

235,000 + Passengers annually
Plus up-to 1.4 million total audience including meet and greets – let your message talk to the right people!

For more information about advertising at Rotorua Airport please contact Jess on


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