Media Policy

The media is often interested in news coverage at Rotorua Airport. As the main gateway to the Central North Island, we welcome and farewell over 235,000 passengers each year. To ensure every one of our visitors finds their experience of the Airport a positive one, we have media guidelines and security processes in place around these. 

Media information

Did you know
The airport is owned and operated by Rotorua Airport Limited, which is a Council Controlled Organisation, owned by Rotorua Lakes Council.

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Because of the nature of our operations and the nature of our business, we have in place guidelines around media engagement and coverage at the airport.

Important terms
The airport is divided into two areas; the public or 'landside', and ‘airside'. Landside areas are easily accessible by the general public - areas that do not require security of any kind. Airside is the area in the airport that includes part of the terminal beyond the boarding gate and the entire airfield. It is usually only accessible by staff and passengers, and access to this area is severely restricted. When requesting 'airside' access, at least 48 hours notice is preferred. Note that due to security requirements, access is usually denied.

Non-news media, or people wanting to do commercial filming or photography should refer to filming at Rotorua Airport.

Photography and Filming at Rotorua Airport

Written permission by the CE or Privacy Officer must be obtained before shooting anywhere within the terminal, on roads or in car parks at the airport, or anywhere on the airfield. Permission may be given or withheld in Rotorua Airport's sole discretion. Negotiations may also have to be conducted between the various airlines, government agencies and other partners at Rotorua Airport.

Photography and Commercial filming
Permission must be sought a minimum of 10 working days prior to shoot date for a smaller production of under a day. Longer or more complex productions will require 3 - 4 weeks notice. Standard fees including Security fees (if required) will apply. Please contact the CE or Privacy Officer if you wish to enquire about filming at the airport.

News and Current Affairs
While filming/photography permission is not required for news and current affairs media to film ‘before security’, we ask media to call our Operations team on 07 348 3801 to advise us you would like to do so - telling us that you are coming to the airport assists the Operations team to manage the terminals. News and current affairs media can only film ‘after security for special events and with the advance approval of Rotorua Airport.

Social Media
Rotorua Airport asks social media users to be considerate of other people in the terminals and to seek permission before filming or photographing someone, this includes staff, passengers and members of the public.

Photo Library
Rotorua Airport has available a photo library for media, schools etc. For access to this please contact 

Any media enquiries about Rotorua Airport should be directed to the CE, Nicole Brewer.


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