Facilities within the Terminal 

Rotorua Airport Business Hub

Rotorua Airport Business Hub
Our Business Hub is in the process of being upgraded.

Free Wi-Fi
Free Wi-Fi is available for travellers and visitors to Rotorua Airport. Simply log on to the service by searching for the network “Free Airport Wi-Fi” in the internet connection settings of your phone, tablet or laptop.

Terrace Airside

A popular Rotorua eatery is spreading its wings to Rotorua Airport – with Terrace Kitchen’s offshoot Terrace Airside. The cafe caters for passengers travelling through the airport and provide another café option for residents and workers on the eastern side of the city.

“It will also provide another option for people on the eastern side of town as a place to get coffee or something to eat.”

Terrace Kitchen owner Jo Romanes says they’re delighted to be part of the journey of the airport.

Terrace Airside is much more than the typical airport cafe, we're an east-side destination for those after the perfect brew and tasty treats, set in a cool casual atmosphere. Bring down your work crew or pack the kiddies and watch the planes land from front row airside seats. With free 60min parking there are no excuses! See you soon folks.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 6am - 5.30pm

Sunday 8.30am – 5.30pm

Times subject to change due to flight schedule


Relay Convenience Store
Relay is a newspaper, magazine, book, and convenience store selling a range of reading titles, travel necessities and convenience products, including a range of snack foods, sweets and drinks. 

Relay accepts Eftpos and all major credit cards.

Opening Hours

Monday to Saturday 6am - 6pm

Sunday 8.30am – 6pm

Mokoia Meeting Room 

Mokoia Meeting Room is located in the departures hall near gates 1-4 and is available to anyone needing a private space to conduct zoom meetings or private calls. There is no need to book, simply slide the availability slide over to occupied and enter.

Parents Room 

The Karamuramu Parents Room is located in the deparutres hall near Gates 1-4. There is a couch for feeding baby, a change table, microwave for heating bottles/snacks and also toys for the children to play with. Access is free for all Airport users. 

If you’re travelling with a bicycle either to or from the airport, here’s what you need to know.

Departing with a bike:
Apart from children’s bikes with no chain, all bicycles must be correctly packed in a bike box or bike bag. Bike boxes are sold at Air New Zealand for NZD $25.00, subject to availability.

You don’t have to deflate the tyres, but packed bicycles can only be accepted as checked-in luggage if:

  • Handlebars are removed or turned sideways

  • Pedals are removed or turned in

  • The pressure of any nitrogen gas in mountain bike struts is no more than 200kPa (kilopascal) or 29PSI (pounds per square inch)

  • Any cartridges for inflating tyres are small (less than 50 ml) and contain a non-flammable gas

Remember to:

  • Place any loose accessories into a bag then place in the box.

  • Seal the box and label with your name and phone number.

  • Ensure no part of the bike is protruding from the box

Arriving with a bike:
Flying into Rotorua Airport, you will need to collect your bicycle from the oversize baggage collection point at your conveyor belt in the arrivals terminal.

We have recently created a Bike Zone at Rotorua Airport. It's never been easier to fly with your Mountain Bike. The station is fully equipped with Park Tools for assembly and disassembly. We offer bike box storage while your are in Rotorua and there is a bike rack for storing your bike short term.

Our bike assembly station is located outside the glass link walkway close to the arrivals hall. Bike boxes can be stored at the airport at no cost please contact talk2us@rotorua-airport.co.nz to arrange storage.


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