Private Charters at Rotorua Airport

We have a dedicated gate for our private charters and the ability to park for hours or days, whether you are arriving domestically or internationally.  Our apron can handle aircrafts up to an A320, 737-800. To ensure we have space available, we recommend that you book in advance. All gate bookings and Apron parking are to be made through

We can arrange private transfers direct from the tarmac if required, otherwise we are able to process private charters through our Gate 5/6 Lounge.

Full-Service Private Charters

For full service including the following, we recommend all charters work with Swissport or AirCenter One. 

  • Meeting and greeting

  • Passenger check in

  • Crew documentation

  • Baggage handling

  • Aircraft cleaning

  • Ground power starts

  • Over wing refueling

  • Catering

  • Ground transportation

  • Customs and Immigration

Swissport can be contacted on - 09 256 1215 or by email - 

AirCenter One can be contacted on - 09 275 7167 or by email - 

Alternatively, please click on the logo below and be redirected to their website!


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