Arrival and Departure Information

For all enquiries about reservations, flights, baggage allocations or general Air New Zealand enquiries, call +64 (07) 345 6175 or (0800) 747 222. Please ensure that you refresh your screen for the most up to date information.

Check in reminder from Air New Zealand

Travelling on an Air New Zealand regional or domestic flight? Remember, check in must be completed at least 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure - even if you’re travelling with carry-on luggage only. Check in opens online 24 hours prior to scheduled departure and you can check in early via the Air New Zealand mobile app or website. Bag drop closes 30 minutes prior to the scheduled departure and Air New Zealand recommends customers allow themselves plenty of time by arriving at the airport well before check-in closes. Air New Zealand is working hard to ensure its services depart Rotorua on time and if you have not completed the check in process 30 minutes prior to departure, you will not be accepted for travel.

Air New Zealand services domestic flights to a wide range of destinations around New Zealand, including direct flights from Rotorua to Wellington, Auckland and Christchurch. Services are operated on a range of different aircraft including ATR 72-600 and Q300. To make your booking to or from Rotorua Airport, visit Air New Zealand or call 0800 737 000.

Visiting the Airport

If you are visiting the airport to collect a loved one, please leave items such as helium balloons at home as loose balloons can interfere with the safety of our aircraft.

Baggage Collection

If you’re collecting checked luggage, follow the signs to the Baggage Claim area. Trolleys are provided free of charge for your convenience. Larger items or special baggage such as bikes, golf clubs and buggies will be available at our oversize items in the arrivals terminal. If you’re missing any baggage please see an airline representative.

Smoking/Vaping on site 

Smoking and Vaping is not permitted anywhere at Rotorua Airport except for in the smokers’ hut in the short term carpark, directly opposite the Departures Terminal. This ‘no smoking’ rule includes private hangars.

Special Baggage

With Rotorua and its surrounding areas known for its abundance of mountain biking trails and hunting blocks, the airport sees hundreds of visitors travelling with pets, firearms and mountain bikes. To ensure you are meeting aviation regulations, read more about travelling with these special baggage items below. You can contact Air NZ Cargo directly on 07 347 7950.

Travelling with Pets

If you're travelling with pets, please be aware of, and respect the airport's rules. We respectfully ask that you be mindful of other passengers and follow any staff guidance. 

During the check-in process all animals should be inside their cage and under no circumstances be removed from the cage inside the terminal.

For health and safety reasons, no animals are allowed inside the terminal unless they are being checked in for cargo transport or are guide / mobility assistance dogs. 

Horses under leasing or grazing authority on the airport land are excluded. 

Travelling with Bikes

Apart from children's bikes with no chain, all bicycles must be correctly packed in a bike box or bike bag. Bike boxes are sold at Air New Zealand for NZD $25, subject to availability.

If you are travelling with a bike:

  • You don't have to deflate the tyres, packed bicycles can only be accepted as checked-in luggage if:

  • Handlebars are removed or turned sideways.

  • Pedals are removed or turned in.

  • The pressure of any nitrogen gas in mountain bike struts is no more than 200kPa (kilopascal) or 29PSI (pounds per square inch) Any cartridges for inflating tyres are small (less than 50 ml) and contain a non-flammable gas.

Please remember to place any loose accessories into a bag then place in the box. Seal the box and label with your name and phone number. Ensure no part of the bike is protruding from the box

We have a free bike assembly area here.

Travelling with Firearms

Firearms and ammunition must be booked on the operating carrier's flight number. All firearms must be carried in a lockable case suitable for air carriage, for example a suitcase, box or container that is designed to prevent access.

Ammunition must be securely packed in division 1.4S (UN0012 or UN0014) and must not exceed 5kg gross weight.

For more information on travelling with guns and ammunition see here


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