Car Parking at Rotorua Airport

Rotorua Airport car park has plenty of space for all travelers or visitors to the airport. There is no need to pre-book. Payments are made onsite by cash or card at one of the Pay stations inside the arrivals terminal. Please follow airport directional signage on arrival.


To ensure everyone can easily and safely access the airport and collect/drop off passengers please ensure you park in the correct place. Below is an outline of the different parking areas at the airport. Or if you have any other queries please ask Julie Rowe our Terminal and Finance Manager. You will find her in the terminal office (at the end of the check in area) or on


We offer one-hour free parking. This is ideal if you would like to meet a passenger at the arrivals gate or have a coffee at Terrace Airside.


For dropping off passengers. Please do not park or wait in this area. This area can be used by all private and commercial operators.


For picking up passengers. Drivers should remain in their cars and stay no longer than 10 minutes.


For people who hold a disability badge or who are unable to walk far.


For dropping off and picking up coach passengers. This area is suitable for large vehicles that are not suited for the carpark A.


These carparks are predominantly located in the carpark A and are clearly marked with signs and numbers. They are for rental cars only.


The taxi rank and taxi waiting area are marked either on the ground or signs and are for taxis that hold a License to Operate at Rotorua Airport only.


Any App-based-pick up services can use the shared zone located at the Northern end of the terminal as shown on the map above. There is a 10 minute limit when using this space and all drivers must remain in their vehicles. If drivers wish to greet their passengers in the terminal, they are required to park in the car park, which has one hour free parking.  


The Shuttle area is located in the carpark A and is clearly marked with ground markings. This area is for prebooked passenger service operators that hold an airport card. There is a small charge to utilise this designated area and cards can be obtained from Julie Rowe in the Terminal office, or by contacting

Terms and conditions:

  • Any vehicle found parked in the disability car parks or in an area that is not a designated car park and without authorised parking identification may incur a $50.00 fine and may be removed at the Airport’s discretion.

  • Vehicles left unattended in the Airport pick up or drop off zones (in front of terminal) and exceeding the allocated time of 10 minutes may incur a $50.00 fine.

  • While we shall take all reasonable care, your vehicle and personal possessions left in vehicle are at your own risk.

  • The Airport will not be held responsible for lost or stolen top up cards or for any credit that remains on cards.

  • Please report lost or stolen cards to Airport Finance/Terminal Manager on (07) 345 8800 or email at your earliest convenience.

  • Lost or stolen card will incur an administrative charge for replacing.

  • The cost of the card is $10


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