Airways and Rotorua Airport have reached an agreement

Airways New Zealand and Rotorua Airport are pleased to have reached a commercial agreement that will see existing aerodrome control services retained at Rotorua Airport until May 2021.The airport is currently carrying out an aeronautical study for the Civil Aviation Authority to determine what aerodrome control services are required for Rotorua. Depending on the outcome of the study, Airways and the airport may enter new commercial negotiations to determine if Airways will provide a future service and how it will be funded.

“We’re glad we have been able to reach an agreement that provides certainty for the airport and our people as we move through the process to determine what the future of our services provided at Rotorua Airport will be,” Airways CEO Graeme Sumner says.

Rotorua Airport chief executive, Mark Gibb, says a key objective of arbitration was to allow the Airport to undertake an aeronautical study to fully understand the requirements for air control services in Rotorua, to inform future decisions.“We are pleased to be able to move forward with Airways,” says Mr Gibb. “This is the right outcome for everyone involved and will ensure the safety of our travellers.”

The agreement ends the arbitration process Airways and Rotorua Airport entered into when Airways announced its intention to change services. Legal restrictions and commercial sensitivities mean further detail about the agreement cannot be shared at this time.


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