More flights for Rotorua

Rotorua Airport is starting to welcome more flights – with the return of the Rotorua to Auckland route and extra flights added to the schedule for Queen’s Birthday Weekend.

The flights to Auckland restarted this week and additional flights have been put on to Rotorua for Queen’s Birthday weekend on both the Auckland and Wellington routes.

Rotorua Airport chief executive Mark Gibb says it’s great to see more flights returning to the airport as people begin to travel again.

“We know the Airport has a crucial role to play in Rotorua’s recovery from the impact of Covid-19 and we’re working hard alongside others as part of this.

“It’s been great to welcome back flights between Rotorua and Auckland this week. We know it’s an important connection, especially for those travelling for business. It’s now important that people continue to use the flights, as increased demand will help us continue to see services reinstated.”

While there are no flights between Rotorua and Christchurch at the moment, Mr Gibb says the schedule is being updated often and he’s hopeful strong demand for the sector will see it reintroduced.

“Over the lockdown period the Airport remained open as a critical lifeline but it’s now great to see the routine flights returning.” 

Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick says this Queen’s Birthday Weekend will be an important one as the district’s tourism, accommodation, hospitality and retail sectors get going again.

“The long weekend is looking busy for Rotorua, which is absolutely fantastic, and it’s great that Air New Zealand has come on board with extra flights. Air connectivity is really important for us and will be vital to the district’s economic recovery so Air New Zealand is an important partner and we thank the airline for its continued support of our destination.”


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