Rotorua Airport continuing to fight to keep air traffic control services

Rotorua Airport continuing to fight to keep air traffic control services. Rotorua Airport chief executive Mark Gibb is disappointed Airways has presented its decision to close Rotorua’s control tower as a done deal – saying the Airport company is still doing everything it can to fight the closure.

The two parties decided on Monday to head towards an arbitration process, but in parallel, to explore commercial alternatives to see Air Traffic Control services retained at Rotorua Airport.

The move followed Rotorua Airport taking legal action in the High Court to prevent the removal of Air Traffic Control Services from the airport.

As part of the dispute resolution process, Airways gave an undertaking to the High Court that they would not issue termination notices for Air Traffic Control staff at Rotorua or give notice to CAA to withdraw services without prior notice to Rotorua Airport.

Speaking today, Mr Gibb says he is disappointed Airways has publicly confirmed its withdrawal from seven airports around the country – including Rotorua – despite the legal process continuing. 

“We are, however, comforted by a response from Transport Minister, Hon Phil Twyford, who has clearly heard our concerns around safety and is taking an interest in the situation. 

“We remain adamant that closing the control tower will have a detrimental impact on the safe operation of our airport and recovery of our city post COVID-19. On this basis will continue to fight for its retention.”


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