Special Assistance

Terminal Doors
Automatic doors with plenty of room to accessdownload

Car parking Pay Stations

Wheelchair-friendly and private disabled stalls.
Baby changing  facilities available

Car Parking
Disabled car parks are available in either Short term or Long term  parking areas – these are located in prime, well signposted and in easy to access locations.  There are a total of seven disabled car park  available  at the Airport – there are 4x parks located in Short term car park  and 3x parks located  in the Long term car park. Disabled car parking permits must be displayed at all times when using these spaces.

First Aid / Emergencies
In the event that medical assistance is required, please makes members of Airport staff aware. The Airport Operations staff all have first response first aid training and can assist in a medical emergency.

Assistance on flights
Air NZ special assistance can be requested at time of booking or by  calling  (0800) 747 222